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Take a look at the comparison function of the user account you have free on DOGFORSHOW and premium account DOGFORSHOW, which is used by more than 1,500 satisfied breeders, owners and handlers of purebred dogs from all over the world.

What benefits does DOGFORSHOW offer you?

  We save you money.

The usual price for a website is from EUR 5 to 30 a month without functions comparable to those offered by DOGFORSHOW. Adding new functions automatically is, of course, included in the price.

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Fast and simple creating of independent profiles, adding or adjusting of exhibition success, medical records and planned litters or puppies for sale will save you time that you can devote to your four-legged friend.

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We are working hard so that DOGFORSHOW will always achieve better positions and the best results and will continuously bring you potential buyers from all over the world.

Why is DOGFORSHOW® the right choice?

High performance and low price.

Transparent presentation in 5 languages directly in the international community of breeders, owners and handlers of purebred dogs with pedigree.

For a single price you get the option of creating all profiles - the kennel, the owner of purebred dog and the handler.

Adding new data and updating and collecting them in a single place provides you with a good overview and saves you time.

We offer you many interactive functions which would otherwise require high development costs on your site.

The continuous adding of new functions automatically is included in the price.

Good arrangement and optimization of your profiles for devices such as a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Sharing successes, information and an unlimited number of attached photos on social networks.

More than 20.000.000 views of the DOGFORSHOW pages will provide you with potentially interested people from all over the world.