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Transparent presentation in 5 languages directly in the international community of breeders, owners and handlers of purebred dogs with pedigree.

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Why is DOGFORSHOW® the right choice?

Create an eye-catching profile to present as breeder, owner or handler

Creating a profile will take less than a minute and ensures an unique presentation of you and your achievements in 5 languages.

Develop beautiful personalised profiles of your dogs and offer your dogs at stud

We offer you many interactive functions which would otherwise require high development costs on your site.

Share show successes, awards, titles, working exams, health information, photos and videos

Adding new data and updating and collecting them in a single place provides you with a good overview and saves you time.

Inform prospective buyers about planned litters and puppies for sale

We support breeding of happy and healthy dogs with pedigree

Take the opportunity to be contacted by potential buyers from all over the world

More than 20.000.000 views of the DOGFORSHOW pages will provide you with potentially interested people from all over the world.

Make friends in the dog owner community and stay in touch with them

Take advantage of the opportunity of international presentation and together with us support the purebred dogs with pedigree.

We keep your time in mind. Fast and simple creating of independent profiles, adding or adjusting of exhibition success, medical records and planned litters or puppies for sale will save you time that you can devote to your four-legged friend.

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