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 Interviews  30.10.2017  813
V rozhovore sa dočítate o začiatkoch chovateľskej stanice, o tom, ako vyzerá deň chovateľa a prečo sa Lucia rozhodla…
 Articles  25.10.2017  860
In some registries and countries, the dog show judge is expected or required to critique the entries—at least, the top…
 Articles  25.10.2017  802
A Farkaskonyha legújabb cikkjében megtudhatjuk lehet-e keverni a tápos etetést a BARF életmóddal
 Articles  23.10.2017  1502
Check out the Best on Show winners of the 3 days International dog shows in Komárom, Hungary 20-22 October
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 Articles  17.05.2017  5753
You often hear about reach and drive, but what about feet? Feet support the entire body weight of a dog. Many breeders do not care about feet and…
 Articles  15.05.2017  4561
Read the article to see who won the Marathon Dog Shows SUPREME BEST IN SHOW. Two International Shows and a National Show was organized in Miskolc -…
 Articles  26.03.2017  3353
Občas sa stane, že na výstave váš pes zrazu zmení správanie, a vy neviete prečo. Zmenili ste vášmu psovi obojok? Môže to byť príčina!
 Interviews  01.03.2017  3177
Read our newest interview with a talented young handler, Vivien Poth who was the Top Junior Handler in Hungary a few years ago and a successful…