Cookie policy


1.1 The Registered User declares that by completing and sending the registration form he gives his consent to the processing of his personal data to the extent required by the registration form of the Portal for the purposes of providing services on the Portal.

1.2 By completing and sending the registration form, the Registered User agrees to the processing of his personal data given in the registration form for the purposes of the Company.

1.3 By completing and sending the registration form, the Registered User agrees to the processing of his personal data by a third person authorized by the Company.

1.4 The Registered User gives his consent to the processing of his personal data voluntarily and without a time limit; he may revoke his consent at any time by a written declaration sent to the address of the registered office of the Company.

1.5 The Registered User declares that all the data given by him in the registration form are correct. At the same time, the Registered User declares that he is aware of all the consequences that may arise in connection with providing false information in the registration form.

1.6 The Portal saves small data files, the so-called cookies, in the device (a computer, notebook or mobile device) of the user (a registered or unregistered user) with the aim of enhancing the quality of services. There are two types of cookies:
1.6.1 Temporary cookies are saved in the device only for the period when the user is moving within the Portal. Such cookies help the Portal remember information when passing between pages, so that it is e.g. not necessary anymore to complete information in forms repeatedly.
1.6.2 Permanent cookies remain saved in the device even after leaving the Portal. Such cookies help remember the user as a returning visitor of the Portal, but they by no means identify the user as a person.

1.7 Any saved analytical information is anonymous and used exclusively for the Portal’s own technical and marketing purposes. This enables the Portal to identify, e. g., how many users have looked at the “List of puppies for sale”, but it does not identify the individual users by their name.

1.8 The moment the Registered User logs in to the “Registered User Account”, he sees a slight difference in the content of the Portal as compared to Unregistered Users. The absence or ban of such a cookie shall mean that the Portal will consider the user to be an Unregistered User and the log in option will not work.


Like many other companies, we use the cookies technology for the access to and leaving of our website. Our aim is to improve the functionality of our website. To better understand our visitors, we use cookies. Cookies are commonly used small character files placed in your computer by websites that you visit. Cookies enable a website to recognize user settings from previous visits when the user returns to the website. The cookie itself does not contain or collect any information. However, during a connection with an internet browser with the server being visited it may help set a service for more comfort of the user, e. g. by remembering previous purchases or account settings.

Cookies are saved on the hard disk of the computer and they contain:
- the name of the server from which they have been sent;
- the useful life of the cookie;
- the value

Cookies are no viruses, they are written using normal text. They are set so as not to be executable or autoexecutable, they cannot create their own copies and spread to other networks. Because they cannot perform these functions, they do not fall under the standard definition of viruses. The cookies that you use on websites can be set by you in your web browser. You should know that there is one cookie thanks to which we remember, which pre-selections you have set for cookies.

It follows from the above that:
1. If you remove all cookies from your computer, you will have to re-update the pre-selections with us.
2. If you work at another computer, with another profile or with another browser, we will request the pre-selection from you again.

How does DOGFORSHOW use the cookies.

To save your personal settings.
During your visit, our website uses standard cookies, which help to identify you as a unique visitor, remember your preset language, remember your “favorite” job offers …

For anonymous statistical records
During each of your visits, our website uses analytical software saving anonymous standard cookies and Google Analytics cookies, thanks to which we are continually monitoring the use of our website. This enables us e. g. to learn the traffic of the website, we can understand the behavior of the visitors, as well as which content and information is interesting to our visitors. Any saved analytical information is anonymous and used for our own technical and marketing purposes only. This enables us to identify e.g. how many visitors have looked at the “List of puppies for sale”, but we do not identify the individual visitors by name.

For the recognition of anonymous and logged-in visitors
Our website uses cookies that help to recognize you either as an anonymous user or as a logged-in user. The moment you log in to the “Registered User Account” you see a slight difference in the content of the website as compared to anonymous visitors. The absence or ban of such a cookie shall mean that our website will consider you to be an anonymous visitor and the log in option will not work. If cookies are allowed, our website will remember whether you are logged in or have decided to log out.

Enable/disable cookies
You have the option to accept or reject cookies by adjusting your browser settings. However, it can happen that you will not be able to use all interactive features of our website when cookies are disabled. What can I do to manage the cookies saved on my computer? There is a number of ways to manage cookies. If you use different computers in different places, you have to ensure that each browser is adjusted so as to satisfy your preferences as to cookies. Some modern browsers have a feature that will analyze the privacy protection policy of a website and enable the user to control his privacy needs. They are known are “P3P” characteristics (PrivacyPreferencePlatform).

You may simply delete all cookies that have been installed in the cookie directory of your browser. For example, if you use Microsoft Windows Explorer:
- Open the “Windows Explorer”
- Click on the button “Search” on the toolbar
- Type “cookie” into the search field for “Directories and files”
- Select “My computer” in the field “Browse”
- Click on “Search”
- Double click on the directories that have been found
- “Select” any cookie
- Press the “Delete” button on the keyboard

If you do not use Microsoft Windows Explorer, you should find the “cookies” in the “help” function to obtain information where to find you cookies directory.